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Permanent Death

Last Updated: Sep 07, 2016 04:25PM CEST

When you die in Realm of the Mad God, you will lose your progress and items on that specific Character. Not to worry, this is a natural part of the game! You will earn Fame as a result of your death. Fame can be used to buy certain items in-game, and also a requirement for completing Class Quests.

Can I get my character back?

Once a Character has died, you will be unable to play them again, but you are free to make a new character.

While we completely understand the frustration this loss has caused you, our support team is not able to revive or grant back fallen characters in any way, nor are we able to recover any inventory items held by that character at the time of their death.

While we understand that sometimes circumstances outside of your direct control may have led to the loss of your character, please know that the "perma-death" feature is a central mechanic of Realm of the Mad God, and is considered to be working as intended.

I lost my Character because of lag, or a technical issue.

For those of you who lost your character due to lag or similar situations please check our troubleshooting steps in the article “Common Issues: Troubleshooting Steps for RotMG” to help improve your game play and help prevent this type of death again.

I lost my Character because I was hacked / compromised!

For anyone who's account has been hacked/compromised/shared with another player, and your character loss is due to this please know that the security of your account is your responsibility to maintain and we will be unable to make any allocations or refunds in this occurrence.

For tips on account security please visit the article “Protecting your Account against Scams”.


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