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The Realm

Last Updated: Sep 07, 2016 04:30PM CEST
The world map is one of several preselected maps. After Oryx summons the players to battle him, the server changes to a different map. Different game servers will be using different maps at any given time.

This map shows the outline of one of the current worlds and all 3 roads:

The maps are large, continent-sized islands which include:

Terrain types: Beaches, grasslands, forests, savannas, deserts, rocky land, and snow. This is in order of lowest difficulty to highest - beaches have the easiest monsters; rocky and snowy areas have the hardest. More difficult areas tend to be “drier” but aren’t always.

Oceans and lakes: Oceans surround the island, and are impassable. Lakes are in the interior of the island, and are also often impassable. Both oceans and lakes have some shallow water near the edges, which can only be walked through slowly.

Roads: They increase movement speed by 33% and make circles around the island. There are three circular main roads in each map, which may cross or form loops. Roads guide you to areas with monsters of the same difficulty.

Rivers: They decrease movement speed and run from mountains to the coast. Rivers guide you to areas with monsters of higher (or lower) difficulty.

Vegetation: Plants, trees, and rocks, depending on the kind of terrain you’re in. Each monster type prefers certain types of terrain and vegetation. With the exception of small bushes, they can’t be passed through.

Quest areas: Groves of trees, graveyards, towers, castles, lava fissures, and other quest areas are located all over the map. The typical pattern is a boss in the center surrounded by henchmen and minions. After defeating the boss there is a treasure chest with loot. Some event bosses (Like Hermit Gods, Pentaracts, etc) do not have treasure chests.

For more information about the different Areas of the Realm, click [here].


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